Mr. Calculator really needs to give it a rest.


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  1. What is he thinking trying to reduce the deficit? Shame on him! I’m so glad we still have one clear minded independant Senator in South Dakota (disregard the drool) willing to truly represent the average voter and stand up to the wierdo’s like Pelosi and Reid (Oh, wait…)

  2. He should stop using whatever method he’s using for tanning. He looks like an Oompa Loompa.

  3. The problem with Thune’s idea isn’t the idea itself, it is the hypocrite behind it. It wasn’t more than a year ago when the Democrats proposed a law requiring a balanced budget and Thune wouldn’t support it because he claimed there were loopholes etc. So does he really expect us to believe there wouldn’t be a way to weasel out of this 10% reduction as well?

    He wants us to believe a budget that cuts the deficit spending by 10% a year would result in a balanced budget 10 years later? Aside from the fact he sucks at math, it would still never work and ignores the larger issue at stake here. Even assuming we could meet his 10 year deadline to elimininate , that doesn’t even take into account the national debt of 13 Trillion.

    However, I will at least give him credit for tossing out an idea. I’d rather see us simply enact a balanced budget ammendment instead of fooling around with a 10 year plan to get to a balanced budget, but I’ll admit something is better than nothing.

    Of course Thune needs to realize if we cut the budget by 10% a year (which I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he meant 10% of the 2008 budget, not the “then-year” budget) it means cutting a LOT of things some of which will include defense spending and agriculture subsidies not to mention earmark spending (of which Thune is very familiar with).

    Honestly the only way we can even begin to cut spending by those levels is to immediately pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, eliminate all earmarks, and kill any amount of stimulus spending. Hey – now that I think about it… maybe he is on to something afterall.

  4. Hasn’t anyone got TPM’s note that Thune’s plan is based on a gross error in his mathematics?

  5. I understand their point, but I’m giving Thune the benefit of the doubt that when he says “10% a year” he means 10% of the original number, not the adjusted number. Thus the 10% each year is added to the 10% from the year(s) before to get a cumulative figure.

    I realize what TPM is trying to do, and yes technically if you only reduce the figure by 10% a year you will never totally eliminate it, but I think we are all smart enough to know what Thune meant. They are just nitpicking… which suggests maybe they don’t have any valid complaints?

  6. He wants us to believe a budget that cuts the deficit spending by 10% a year would result in a balanced budget 10 years later? – Costner

    That part made me LOL.

  7. To bad he doesn’t have to explain his plan and answer questions asked by actual journalists and not blondes on Fox.

  8. Didn’t know Obama was proposing to pay down the deficit in a ridiculous amount of time.

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