Randy Seiler hands Jason his Muppet Butt in latest FB video

I wonder if Jason can watch this video while hiding under the porch;


#1 Paul ElevenHaken on 10.29.18 at 7:59 pm

He’s all like: get off my lawn. pull your pants up. don’t text. i don’t know nothing about that internet.

#2 caheidelberger on 10.29.18 at 10:18 pm

Got to get off the cue cards, even on short-turnaround production.

Otherwise, though, as with everything Randy says, spot on.

#3 caheidelberger on 10.29.18 at 10:23 pm

“a volunteer deputy state’s attorney”—I love hearing Seiler spit those words with utter disdain. That’s a good 5.5-minute pounding. Thank goodness for the Internet and the ability to post extended video explanations like this one. We can’t give Ravnsborg the beating he deserves in just 30 seconds.

#4 Artificial Turf Taco on 10.29.18 at 10:53 pm

But do either of the AG candidates live down by the river bottom? It appears to me, that is the real issue in 2018…

(“Come to think of it, Rounds has a house along the river, doesn’t he?”)


#5 George on 10.30.18 at 12:41 pm

If this is handing Jason his lunch Jason has nothing to worry about….which I don’t think he does anyway…Randy is whining throughout the campaign and people get it…making ingestion of a METH a misdemeanor…WTF!!

Randy got school in he debate and then cries that Jason won’t whoop his butt again…..

You can’t run as a liberal in SD, Billie and Tim know that….72 year old Grandpa Simpson wannabe Randy Seiler apparently doesn’t know that

#6 LJL on 10.30.18 at 1:08 pm

Anyone who votes for Jason has their head up their partisan ass. Repubs deserve to lose this seat if Jason is the best we could find. It’s a no vote for me.

#7 Ljl on 10.30.18 at 1:34 pm

Easily the most embarrassing state office candidate that the republicans nominated in a very long time. I won’t be voting in the AG race.

Randy is too liberal to earn my vote.

#8 l3wis on 10.30.18 at 2:37 pm

The irony is with Seiler’s experience if he were the ‘R’ and Jason was the ‘D’ Randy would have this wrapped up 80/20. But since people are so hell bent on voting party lines, Jason actually could win this.

I have often felt the SOS and the AG should be Non-Partisan offices.

#9 Mechanical Organ Taco on 10.30.18 at 3:29 pm

For some reason, Republicans don’t like to mention that Randy worked under Bush43 and Jackley, when Marty was South Dakota’s U.S. Attorney back in the last decade….


#10 scott on 10.31.18 at 6:31 am

ljl, even more embarrassing than jason gant?

#11 LJL on 10.31.18 at 1:26 pm

still filtering my IP

#12 The Guy from Guernsey on 11.01.18 at 9:31 am

I agree that Ravnsborg is not qualified to be AG and is a historically poor candidate for the Republican party.
Randy Seiler is not my flavor of political ice cream, but I placed my vote for him nonetheless.
The thing about leaving your ballot “open” for AG – politicos like Dan Lederman (who have foisted the Ravnsborg candidacy upon you and me) don’t receive an undervote as the message which I, as a Repub voter, intend to send. An undervote does not remove from the probability that their candidate still wins.
Lederman does not care about your vote. He only cares about winning the election and having Jason Ravnsborg as AG.
The message won’t be received until another candidate, not of THEIR choosing, wins the race.