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Get out of the weeds for the golf contract

Councilor Selberg had this to say about the golf RFP;

“I think we need to get back to the facts. I think we are about three miles off in the weeds in some of this stuff, right now, ” says Selberg.

I hope there isn’t any weeds growing at the golf course. Tom Walsh had this to say about the RFP and contract;

“They’re looking at spending $375,000 a year in leasing of equipment, besides what they do up front,” Walsh said. “It’s not right for our taxpayers. If I were a taxpayer that didn’t play golf, I’d really be upset.”

Tom, this is S.O.P. from the Huether administration. Just look at the Huether tennis center. What did taxpayers get from our $500K investment in that building? Not a F’ing thing! Heck, we can’t even use the parking lot for overflow.

I have been hearing the council will probably approve the contract with Landscapes Unlimited, but not because it is the right thing to do, but that certain people in leadership and with the administration have been threatening the council with false threats of being sued by LU if they don’t approve. If that is the case, 1) Who told LU that this was a done deal before it got council approval, and 2) if that is the case, why even have the council approve these contracts?

*Walsh also talks about a meeting he had with the mayor a few weeks ago, and the mayor admitted he pretty much gets what he wants, and the only fight he has lost in 7-1/2 years is the Archives Building (he opposed that because he hates history). Well he better start getting used to losing, because I think the strikes are going to start adding up here real soon.

The Secrecy Cult

It’s called ‘Pay to Play’ stupid

I only use campaign donations to line my kitty litter box

I agree with Sioux Falls city attorney, Fiddle-Faddle that there is nothing illegal or any conflicts voting on items that affect campaign donors (Protected free speech). But, for elected officials to say ‘Oh Shucks’ about it, that is another thing;

“If somebody was walking into the election year and handing you $50,000, it’d be hard to argue that doesn’t influence you,” Selberg said. “But there’s no issues here.”

Yeah, it’s just pretty much the company I use to broker homes, I can’t see a conflict? Wonder if Mashall also got a handy blindfold with his donation?

Councilor Michelle Erpenbach, who received a total of $700 from the Lloyds for her 2010 and 2014 races, said when she receives campaign contributions, she offers nothing in return but to be the best leader she can for the city.

“I have never had Craig or Pat call me and say, ‘Hey, I gave you that check,'” Erpenbach said. “I would be in their face about it, and I’d write them a check back if they did.”

Sure you would. And I’m a fairy princess.

Why do you think he gave you a donation? Oh, let Mr. Potter, uh I mean, Mr. Lloyd explain;

“You can’t buy anybody for $500 or $1,000,” Lloyd said. “If anybody wants to take the time and effort to run for the position — because I don’t want to take the time and effort — and has a positive attitude to move Sioux Falls forward, I’ll give them money any day.”

Hmm? Positive attitude? That’s nice. What about ethics? Morals? Integrity? Are those worthy attributes to contribute to? Apparently not, because councilors Stehly, Starr and Neitzert never got a check from the Lloyd family tree. C’mon guys, start working on your positive attitude, like voting to give massive tax discounts to multi-millionaire developers. They need your ‘Positive’ help.

The Fabulous Four on Knobe, Monday at 4:15.


Sioux Falls City council members Neitzert, Selberg, Stehly & Starr will discuss their time on the council and their ‘wish list’ for 2017.

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