Rounds is starting to look like his hero Reagan more and more everyday

Was Larry Pressler having a few ‘senior moments’ in yesterday’s ‘100 Eyes’ interview? He sure was. He talked about how our military should use more lasers and how the US military should stop giving our AK-47’s away (Hey Larry, I’m not even a gun person, but I think we use M-16’s). He also talked about how he voted for Obama instead of ‘Ted’ Romney (whoever that guy is). The best part of the interview was when he couldn’t decide whether he was pro-life or pro-choice (which really makes you pro-choice). Even with all of Larry’s fumbling about guns and abortion, I’m not as concerned about his memory loss as Governor Rounds. He seems to be pulling a Ronald Reagan lately.

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Just look at Rounds’ involvement, with not only EB-5, but the No-Bid contracts legacy.

It’s interesting to note a bit of wiggle room in Mike Rounds’ statement given to KELO TV broadcasted on October 2, 2014. Many South Dakotans have tried to open the veil of secrecy of the No-Bid contract system of state government for many years. Marian Michael Rounds and Dennis Daugaard have opened the doors just a crack. Too bad it took an unusual suicide and the fleecing of international money to move it into the forefront.

He states there was no conspiracy. In the decades following the election of William Janklow in 1978, the Republican governors who followed worked the tried and true process of closing all pretenses of open government. Let me try to explain how questionable conspiracy has become such a way of life in South Dakota state government, those in power can no longer see it.

A hallmark of the 1970 election of Richard Kniep was “open the books”. The decades long good old boys club of GOP rule in Pierre caused the power holders to become sloppy during the Farrar years. The people of South Dakota finally had enough of it. The groundswell of support for cleaning up the mess brought a group of legislators to Pierre to do the cleaning.  The no-bid contracts, special access passes and other conspiratorial activities exposed during the 1970 campaigns gave the Democrats in power the mission to open government.

We began to hear things like sunshine laws, open meetings rules, open records acts and other phrases new to our ears. We had leaders with a zeal unmatched before or after to make government clean. The first 4 years of the Kniep administration moved the state into a modern reporting period. We also had a fantastic group of Republican legislators who were very helpful in accomplishing these goals, but make no mistake the leadership of the Kniep administration made open records, law.

The electoral success of Bill Janklow began the information dismantling process. We have been through two Janklow periods, Miller, Mickelson, Rounds and now the Daugaard terms where secrecy is the way of life. No more open government. No more answering questions. No more meetings records are kept. E-Mails destroyed (BTW, any IT person worth their salt would be able to go back to the years of backup tapes federal law requires them to keep to get the data).

Secrecy is such a way of life now in state government, Mike Rounds can look comfortably into a camera and say a no-bid contract signed by a state employee to himself is just fine because it keeps South Dakota competitive in the EB-5 world. His office’s receipt of the legal documents from California and his denial of notice add an interesting twist to his involvement. Janklow might have been able to convince the world of his ways but Rounds’ actions keep getting muddier. How many of you have been actually in the Governor’s office suite in Pierre. It is a small set of offices. The service of legal papers on the staff would create a bit of a stir. The main door to the private governor’s office is mere inches from the secretaries desk. The secretaries of past governors present items to the office with expediency. If the Chief of Staff accepts the paperwork, it is put immediately on the governor’s calendar.

We can be assured AG Marty Jackley has possibly performed a shallow investigation or likely none at all. What we’ll likely find out at some point after the November balloting are the results of the forensic work of the Federal investigators. The Federal investigations do not happen overnight or in public. Mike Rounds like the other governors tainted by the no-bid contracts they approve are currently hiding behind a very thin veil likely pulled back after the election.

To the suckers who believe the Mike Rounds “I see nothing” story here is what it sounded like from our childhood:


#1 Dan Daily on 10.03.14 at 12:20 pm

It’s important that the feds are here investigating. I hope they’ll stay and take a look at Huether.

There’s so much corruption here. There’s subject matter potential for a TV series or 4 part documentary. There wouldn’t have to be embellishment. There’s no fuction. You can’t make this stuff up.

#2 No to Noem2014! on 10.03.14 at 12:35 pm

Simply incredible! At least our ranking as one of the most corrupt states is going up to #7 from #10. If these bad acting “R’s” sweep offices on November 4th our ranking will go higher.

Rounds his campaign staff and this Wadhams character just seem to be making it worse for themselves. Everything is unraveling and we are getting a glimpse. It’s amazing just how deep this corruption goes! People I thought I knew are now looked upon differently. It’s disgusting they basically sold us all out for a few to gain.

#3 No to Noem2014! on 10.03.14 at 12:36 pm

I forget to end my comment with Come on Soda Pop! lol

#4 Poly43 on 10.03.14 at 5:29 pm

Ahhhh yes….The ol M16 is the most commonly manufactured rifle in the world. Currently, the M16 is in use by 15 NATO countries and more than 80 countries world wide. Together, numerous companies in the United States, Canada, and China have produced more than 8,000,000 rifles of all variants. Approximately 90% are still in operation.

As the old Beatles song states….”Happiness Is A Warm Gun.”

#5 Dan Daily on 10.04.14 at 12:04 pm

Per CNN, South Dakota is #2 most corrupt state this year. Georgia is #1. We’d be #1 if the measurement was population and not scale. Had to correct comment #2.

Other than our vote, methods of change are few. Recent elections in Sioux Falls have been rigged.

I’d like to see federal intervention. Civil disobedience is the best way to get federal attention.

We must keep & bear arms to protect our property. I have one in every room and (legally) conceal carry. There’s more crime and I don’t trust city government.

#6 No to Noem 2014! on 10.04.14 at 3:48 pm

So we have Rounds who can’t keep his stories straight on what happened with EB-5 and now Joop Bollen is conveniently in the Philippines.

#7 C.M. on 10.07.14 at 10:28 pm

Conveniently lost in the Phillipines for good?!