Guest Toon: Sioux Empire Podcast

As you can see, Mickelson was up to his parlor tricks again;

DiSanto tells KELOLAND News she let the matter go to go along with party leadership. The two female representatives specifically named Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson as the person who wanted the matter resolved without incident.

Sorry, but when someone acts like this, there should be some kind of discipline. I don’t think he should have been kicked out of the legislature, maybe a censure, but I find it ironic since nothing happened to Disanto for her disgusting meme, her attacker gets off also. I guess when Republicans do f’ckd up things in our legislature, they get off.


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.27.18 at 7:59 pm

This is the third time in a year that the DiSanto family has been in the news over an embarrassing and or dramatic issue. They are definitely South Dakota’s answer to the Palins:

#2 The D@ily Spin on 02.28.18 at 9:45 am

I saw that little skirmish on KELO. It didn’t seem so bad to me. It looked to be a mutual confrontation without violence. Actions like this could make Pierre more exciting. She’s bigger and in better shape than he. I would have bet on her.

#3 Knothead Peasant on 02.28.18 at 3:53 pm

The way things are going the state could make some badly needed money doing a reality show with our legislature.

#4 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.28.18 at 4:32 pm

The reality show could be called the “House of Lords and Loonies,” or “Loonies and Lords.”

#5 Jeff Barth on 03.02.18 at 2:00 pm

The lack of civility in public discourse has infected all of us as it fills the media and swamps thoughtful discussion. I blame the playground bully in chief.
We South Dakotans can behave better starting now.