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Holy holy holy!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCvkatCGNFYI have no words. Just watch and throw up a little.

What would Tyler Durden drive?


A doctor has tapped into a huge source of renewable fuel to power his car – human lard. According to this article from Forbes, a liposuction doctor in LA used the love handles and lard-asses of his patients to power two SUVs.

Unfortunately, the doctor is under investigation for removing too much fat from some patients and allowing unlicensed assistants to perform some procedures.

If this practice were to go on, however, I see it killing two birds with one stone: use the obesity problem to temporarily solve the energy crisis. According to the article, one gallon of animal fat gives one gallon of fuel. So, thoretically, most americans could drive around for a week just on their own fuel reserves! I wonder what equipment one would need to do this at home…

Vinnie Jones Fracas with ‘Roly-Poly’




This is the best story about it (I love all the British terminology).  In England when you get a pint glass smashed in your face, it’s called ‘glassed’ There is also more picts and video.