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Walmart spends almost $400,000 on rezoning issue

And these financial reports are only reporting what has currently been spent (Documents). They can still spend more up until the election, some estimates are around $750,000.

So when people want to say how great Walmart is, put your money where your mouth is. Why is Walmart the only one giving money to ‘Build a Better Sioux Falls’?

Where are the individual contributors? LOL!

And on a different note, it looks like Walmart had to take down their huge signs. Must not have been in compliance. But hey, can’t imagine they would break any rules to get their way.


UPDATE:Why are so many former community leaders spreading mis-information about the WM Rezoning?

Sent from a SYN, member;

If you read the Argus Leader this morning you likely saw the quote from Carol Twedt, former Minnehaha County Commissioner, implying that the homeowners near 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue are at fault for not verifying the City’s plans for the area when they built their houses. “I think when you purchase property, it behooves you as a citizen to find out what the city’s plans are for your area, especially on a thoroughfare like I am,” she said.

Having been active in county planning, Commissioner Twedt understands the need for proper planning. She also recognizes that people rely on the government’s plans once adopted. The single family homeowners near 85th and Minnesota relied on the City’s plans when they built their homes. Going back to the 90s the City’s plans called for the area where these homes exist to be developed into single family neighborhoods. There was no plan for heavy commercial development in the area. Some of us asked at the time as Commissioner Twedt suggested.

While we appreciate the service Commissioner Twedt has provided her constituents, there are times when politicians must admit their have misspoke. Many others have also been mistaken in their understanding that the City long planned the area for significant commercial development well in advance of homes being built. Therefore, we ask that Commissioner Twedt publicly acknowledge that the City had not adopted any plans for large commercial development at the 85th & Minnesota intersection before 2009 when most of the homes were built. To insinuate otherwise is a misrepresentation of the facts.



Twedt needs to concentrate on retirement instead of spreading mis-information:

Carol Twedt, a former Minnehaha County commissioner, said 85th and Minnesota is the right place for a Walmart. She’s lived in a condominium on Minnesota Avenue south of 57th Street for more than 20 years, and she’s watched the city grow around her.
“I think when you purchase property, it behooves you as a citizen to find out what the city’s plans are for your area, especially on a thoroughfare like I am,” she said.
“Growth happens in a vibrant community,” she added.

Here is the facts: The City didn’t have a plan for that corner until it designated it a sub-regional employment center on December 7th, 2009, by that time (see above).  We always expected commercial development on that corner, but under Shape Places C-4 commercial development can be an unlimited size, and a 185,000 sq ft super-center is absolutley the biggest and most intense commercial development imaginable.

Is it even legal to mention Walmart on the ballot for Referred Law 4?

Someone pointed this out to me today, that Walmart is being mentioned on the ballot language for Referred Law 4. Not sure if this will get on the ballot this way (because the city attorney and city clerk are not allowing anyone from the public to view the ballots before they are printed). You have to remember, this is a zoning issue NOT a Walmart issue. In fact, as far as I know, Walmart doesn’t even own the property yet, the Homan family does (Springdale development). And even if it gets rezoned by the vote of the people, it doesn’t mean a Walmart has to be built there. Kinda reminds me of providing the public with indoor pool drawings when an indoor pool isn’t even on the ballot.



The ‘Pros’ & ‘Cons’ of another Walmart, Letters to the editor

These letters to the editor offer some different opinions. First, Mr. Alvine;

So why does anyone who doesn’t own a house in the neighborhood really care if Walmart builds there? Doesn’t affect me, right? Wrong. There is an equitable principal that “you don’t get to bring a nuisance to your neighbors.” The best well-known example of this doctrine is a person doesn’t get to bring their stinky pig farm to a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood that has been enjoying fresh air for years. These houses were built at that location for a reason, to create a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood. This neighborhood is and has been well established before Walmart chose to purchase the land next door. Thus, a simple principle of fairness and justice dictates that Walmart has no right to destroy the safety and peacefulness these neighbors have created. They were there first, after all.

Then there is this letter from someone who aspired to be appointed to the city council, Marlin D. Thompson;

The group’s spokeswoman, Dana Palmer, rails about Walmart’s promotional campaign to advance the company’s desires to build at 85th and Minnesota. And SYN’s “news release” (that’s a stretch) provides Sioux Falls citizens with this: “If the city allows Walmart to buy zoning to allow it to build a commercial development … .” The group continues “… our neighborhoods are not for sale to the highest bidder, and zoning in this city cannot be bought.” Wow. Pay no mind the City Council voted 7-1 to allow the project to move forward; however, SYN knows best. The ballot measure will be decided by the voters of Sioux Falls. Thank goodness.

LOL! The ‘RUBBERSTAMP’ council, the one that Marlin wishes he would have been appointed to. But he seems to have a change of heart since 2011. DOC: CouncilorThompson;


A little ‘Bird’ told me about this marketing graphic

Building a Better Sioux Falls is using some interesting stock photography in their mailers.

Someone seems to be not to happy about building a new Walmart.

photo 1



And they say DT Sioux Falls is unsafe

While the rumor mills continue (mostly due to the Mayor using it as a campaign issue) that downtown is unsafe, where have most of the vehicle related fatalities and injuries occurred in this town?

The man responsible for a fiery crash on Friday afternoon is facing several charges. Police say 23-year-old Adam Lind is charged with reckless driving, no proof of insurance, driving with a revoked and suspended license and driving an unlicensed vehicle. Lind was driving his 2001 Corvette Z06 on 57th Street Friday when he crashed into another vehicle, hit a traffic light and fence, before the car caught fire.

Most of these accidents occur on the outer parts of the city, south of 41st, including many pedestrians and bicyclists being injured or killed. Maybe instead of worrying about homeless people trying on clothes at the Man Code to warm themselves, we need to focus on more traffic safety on the Southside. But hey, there won’t be any issues with traffic at a new SE Walmart and even there is and a couple of kids get run over walking home from school, at least we created 250 jobs! untitled

UPDATED: Understanding the ‘BULL’ of the Build a Better Sioux Falls campaign

I’m sure like myself, you received a letter yesterday from these fine folks. You know, the peeps who have there main contacts in Bentonville, Arkansas. They want to build a better (new Walmart in) Sioux Falls. Except the information and dignitaries they are peddling don’t cut the mustard.

First with these fine bullet points;


While it is probably true they will collect $1.5 million in sales tax revenue, this is NOT NEW revenue, it is simply shifting it from other retail outlets, including their own stores. Walmart has confessed several times they want to build this new store to alleviate traffic at their Louise store.

I won’t even go into the jobs statement . . . either of them. Walmart employment speaks for itself.

Expanding our city’s tax base IS a good thing, no doubt, but continued annexation and new infrastructure costs and maintenance only chip away at our tax base, not help it grow.

But what is even more curious is the signers of the letter.


Okay, we all know Hal Wick, the guy who wants to make it mandatory that every South Dakotan carry a gun while making evolution education illegal, and to heck with women’s rights? Hogwash. Wonder what he thinks about the WM pharmacy selling birth control?

Then there’s Gene Abdallah, I guess he needs no title, like ‘Prince’ or ‘Madonna’ or even ‘Carrot Top’.

But let’s look closely at the other three;

While it is true that Darryl runs a Non-Profit now (Special Olympics SD). Darryl used to be VP of Marketing for First Premier Bankcard (1997-2008). Wonder who took over that job?

Don’t know much about Diane Derry, but she might want to check her voter registration, because it seems currently she is not registered to vote, I could be wrong, but hey, she wants you to vote for the new Walmart.

Oh, and then there is Dawn Haas, or is it Hass? Walmart can’t even hire a decent proof reader! Well let’s go by her signature (I’m sure she knows how to spell her own last name.) Dawn is a lowly Project Manager Assistant at Henry Carlson Company, you know, the folks that build Walmarts all over the country.

The irony of all this is that Walmart couldn’t even comprise a signature list of five, normal, everyday registered voters to sign this letter. This should tell you what kind of ‘campaign’ they are running out of Bentonville, Arkansas.

I feel like I have been built better (bent over) already.

UPDATED:  I found out today ‘BABSF’ was turned down by two prominent PR firms in Sioux Falls to handle their marketing, and are using an OUT-OF-STATE public relations company. It is also very peculiar that the former Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce marketing person is running their campaign, yet NOT a peep or position from the Sioux Falls Chamber.

Funny how Walmart wants to build a better Sioux Falls, yet no one in Sioux Falls, wants anything to do with them. Talk about a bunch of cheap crap!

Building a Better Sioux Falls VIA Bentonville, AR

Gotta love this, this ballot question committee is priceless, or should we say ‘Always Low’;


Yup, let’s build a better Sioux Falls. Please send all correspondence to Arkansas or our Walmart email addresses and if that doesn’t suit you, you can certainly contact the FORMER Public Affairs and Communicatons Director at Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, Robert O’Connell.

Have a nice day.

New phone survey on SF politics & Walmart


A new phone survey has been running about building the Walmart at 85th and Minnesota. I haven’t heard the survey myself, but here is the gist;

• Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion on the proposed Walmart at 85th & Minnesota?(sic)

It was followed by a specific question.

• Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion about Mayor Huether?(sic)

It was followed by a specific question.

• Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion about councilor Greg Jamison?(sic)

It was followed by a specific question.

• Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion about the city council?(sic)

It was followed by a specific question.

• Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion about Bonita Schwan (SON organizer and council candidate)?(sic)

It was followed by a specific question.

• Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion about Dana Palmer (SON organizer)?(sic)

It was followed by a specific question.

I don’t know all the specifics of the follow-up questions, and I certainly don’t know who is conducting the survey (though I do have my guesses) but if anyone gets the survey and would like to help me fill in further blanks, that would be great.

What surprises me the most is the question about Dana Palmer (a private citizen). They used to pull this crap with Stehly. It is one thing to be running for office, it is entirely something else to be organizing a petition drive. Doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with Palmer, if she is not running for office, and is working in her best interests as a private citizen, it should be hands off. Of course, that’s not how it rolls in this town, anybody who questions the kingdom’s court decisions shall be tarred and feathered, even though, we both know, it should be the other way around.

SON Prevails! WM challenge comes up short.


It will be interesting to watch how this turns out at the ballot. I am sure if it were voted on today, WM would win, but at least SON will have an opportunity to educate the public on their situation before the election.

City clerk, Lorie Hogstad threw out 1159 of the challenges and said.  SON ended up with 5343.  They needed 5089.  Son ended up with 82% after the challenge, city sample a few weeks ago tested at 86%.

It was quite an accomplishment. The election is April 8, 2014.